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Artist: Kanye West
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Song Title: WoW
Genre: Hip-Hop
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Artist: Kanye West

Album:College Dropout Unreleased

Song: WoW

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I go to Jacob wit 25 thou, you go wit 25 hundred, WoW

I got eleven plaques on my wall right now

You got your first gold single damn nigga, WoW

[Verse 1]

H to the Izzo did 3 thou spins in a week

You get a thou in a month, WoW

Yall niggas want credit but yall need to slow down

Kanye to the killin yall from Chi-town, how your wife gon say

She never sold drugs a day in her life, but she still wanna pump the Ye

And yall mad cuz yall not knowin, cuz these canaries so yellow

When yall pull up whether to stop or keep goin

I got G's, rock Rock n Roll tees wit no sleeves

Tats showin, tucked in strap showin

How he get seven tv's in that ?lac ?lac

3 in the front, 2 in the back, 2 in that back, back

While you in that hatchback

And tryin to sell work and don't get shit from them packs back

And try to rap, the studios wont give you ya daps back

And try to get publishin, all you get in your ass capped

And that's that


[Verse 2]

Magazines call me a rock star, bitches call me cock star

Billboard pop star, neighborhood block star

Chi-town go-getting pimps, we mob-stars

Gingerbread man even says ?You're a monster?

Remember that, uh-huh, that's that trek shit

Remember back in '92 niggas used to catch reck shit

Remember that track I tracked for you bout 3 months ago

Uh-huh that's the one, now cut my check bitch

And I aint feelin that Lexus or that CLK

See me like damn ?A C L K??

Yeah that's how we eatin and, keep us looking peace and then

I aint kno we rap as good as he do beats and then


H to the Izzo did 3 thou spins in a week

You get a thou in a month, WoW

Yall niggas want credit but yall need to slow down

Kanye to the killin yall from Chi-town

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