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Artist: Kardinal Offishall
Song Title: My Niah
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f/ L.J.

INTRO [Kardinal Offishall] {L.J.

Where your girl at?Where she at?

Yeah yeah, grab her

Grab dat, let's do this, let's do this

Do this

Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh

{Baby darling yeah yeah

Uh huh {Baby

Word word, uh huh, uh huh uh huh

Yeah yeah

You don't stop and a?

CHORUS [L.J.] {Kardinal Offishall

It's been a long time waiting, for a good time around me

Sweet baby

{Bring it in, bring it in like so, yeah

It's been a long time waiting, for a good time around me

Sweet baby

[Kardinal Offishall]

After the sunlight my niggas shines on like a diamond

Cool in my mind, finding time to chill

Ill thoughts corrupt my senses

Caressing my eye lenses, mending my personals

My nigga's eyes are black and easy to see through (true)

Into the soul, all attempts have been made to link up with that cool strut

But they get brushed to the side (right, right)

My nigga's with me for the long ride

Over and over, explosions like a supernova

Some say a superhoe but never go there

My nigga is for me and that's all she be, for real

For fake never, ever disrespect my lifeline

My nigga makes my water wine, while I worship the waist line

Waste time sometimes, could you do we have to rep

?Cause you can not beat no face with your crew (true)

Something about my nigga that make me act ill

I can't figure it out, but I ain't trying

Denying what's true to me, you don't even matter see (see)

?Cause the cat rules everything around me (word)

Sometime I disrespect my crew, but you they know how we do

?Cause we all bounced the ball out the blue

In fact it's wack sometimes, never will I dis my girl, how you figure

She my nigga

In fact it's wack sometimes, but never will I dis my girl

How you figure, yeah she my nigga

Word, life



It's like this when I bust the swiftness off of the top

I need a nigga to pickup the feelings when I feel like dropping

Stopping all the stress I got, press up against my chest

Forget about the rest of the worries

?Cause the world is just a mess

I need a nigga I can kick it with at anytime whatever whenever

I provide the time as long as we're together

Forever I will watch your back, as long as you watch mine

With you, everything is fine because I regained my peace of mind

And hate those other fraud niggas walking around like thy much bigger than

Eye & I, you couldn't even try to be my nigga

Forget that nigga, that nigga's sits on someone elses

Forget the other that only bothers with the riches

Can't sweat the next and the rest there's only God and me as bitches

Immature, know only as snitches talking your business

My nigga is my partner, my shorty, my lady

The one I'm chilling with when everybody else is crazy

And against me, the very last person to understand me

The outlet to release the stress, and fixations held within me

My girl's had the most the rest the nigga's them couldn't test my nigga

?Cause life she is God almighty, too extract for you to figure


[Kardinal Offishall] (L.J.)

(Baby darling)

It's like that and a (baby)

And like that and a?

You don't stop and a?

And it goes like so

It goes like uh

Like this, hit me like that

And it goes like so (baby darling, baby)

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