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Artist: Kardinal Offishall
Song Title: PWOT
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f/ Afrolistics

[Kardinal Offishall]

Offishall (right)

Nappy heads true to the words aristocrate (true)

Brother function with an automatic slang

Yang makes the ying, we slang rhyme banging off the walls

Like Brooklyn Smalls, yo we Biggie

Yo must trust bust, though it's my time to bust too

Hustle you I must, ?cause your crew might get dust too

Frustration, ?cause I can't make a mil

Without Jully burst, follow a my burst, try burst

Makes my niggas crackhurst, and dispersed in the realm

My timing is perfect like synchronized rewinding

Of my lining (style), moving (style)

Like keys we the freshest, believe it or not like Ripley's

Yo, them G's ain't really heard about my (flow)

?Cause they too hardcore to (know)

That I am the flow (pro), my bro pocket stretch like Armstrong

Yo my niggas got it going on, it's right where I belong

On top, never will we be stuck at number ten

Number one is where start and number one is where we end up

And up friend up, niggas fronting jewels (lets do this)

?cause my crew will bring the real ting

CHORUS X2 [Kardinal Offishall & Afrolistic]

We always look like we have a million

We gets down yo, regardless of what we feeling

(Say what?)

Real niggas make moves by the hundreds

We straight up or you blunted, yo this is how we run kid

** pager goes off **

[KO] yo babes, what's up?

[Female] Nothing much, what's up with you?

[KO] Yo you ever hear this nigga named Afrolistics?

[Female] No, who's that?

[KO] Yo check this shit out, aight!


I consume the hydro weed, for hyper speed

Afro and Kardinal, two officials making the new breed

Circle productive, poetic structure

Always intent to blow you out the frame

We tied you down, I contain

Paranormal and F.O.S. are out for the platinum, that be framed

We scoped out the terrain, to find niggas that was slain

Serving 25 to lifers, for they weren't sufficient writers

I be pulling all nighters, to increase my penmanship abilities

With no trace of leakage, my CPU

Fully programmed, while yours suffers from (glitches)

You love to chat, no you getting popped from the hinges

You entered the game you couldn't handle, now you shitting

?Cause you got disqualified from your mission

Now listen, Aftrolistic only operates on precision

Hibernates only with those that have ambition

Never ass kissing, unless it is my wifey

Rocking beats with ease, like Saukrates

It's all about the connect of the two families

The scholars with the entities collecting the cheese

Equal ways, 3-60 degrees

Our anthem is, vandalous marvelous

Pass the trees, it's all about the will

And this is how we chill, with our players on Capitol Hill


[KO] Yeah

[A] Yeah yeah

[KO] Kardinal Offishall

[A] Afrolistics

[KO] F.O.S. Crew

[A] Paranormal

[KO] This is how we do

[A] The Circle

[KO] Don't stop baby, KC and Thomas

[A] Choclair

[KO] BJ Supreme

[A] Lock Jaw

[KO] Bucktooth

[A] This is how we do

[KO] This is how we do this

[A] For real

[KO] Nigs from outta town

[A] Yeah

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