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Artist: Karen savoca
Song Title: theres a perfect place
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momma's found a house
in the countryside
it was built
in seventeen ninety five
solid as a stone

we'll wait for flowers in the spring
we'll listen to the pine trees sing

oh, momma's got a home
momma's got a home
momma's got a home
of her own

there's a perfect place
for the rockin chair
settle down by the window
over there
soft as a cradle

she'll rock the babies when they cry
she'll sing a favorite lullaby

oh, momma's got a home
momma's got a home
momma's got a home
of her own

we'll whistle with the whippoorwill
we'll watch the sun over the hill

oh, momma's got a home
momma's got a home
momma's got a home of her own

to keep her company
when the wind blows

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