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Artist: Kari Rueslatten
Song Title: Nordnatt
Genre: Folk
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[Night of the north]

Nordlyset farger himmelen
Speiles ned pa isen
De sier tiden leger sar
De sier tiden leger sar

Betatt av synets makt
Den sterke sol og manes pakt
Vil sannheten bli meg forunt?
Vil sannheten bli meg forunt?

Mitt sinn er et hav
En alle tankers grav
Jeg ville gi det til deg
Jeg ville gi det til deg

Kan du se fargenes spill
Som horer Nordnatten til
Vil du dele mitt syn?
Tor du dele mitt syn?

The northern lights colour the sky
Reflect on the ice
They say time heals all wounds
They say time heals all wounds

Seduced by the power of the sight
The powerful union of sun and moon
Will I be bestowed with the truth?
Will I be bestowed with the truth?

My mind is an ocean
A grave of all thoughts
I wanted to give it to you
I wanted to give it to you

Can you see the play of colours
Belonging to the Night of the North
Will you share what I see?
Do you dare share what I see?

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