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Artist: Kasabian
Kasabian Author
Album: Kasabian (2004)
Kasabian - Kasabian Album
Song Title: Butcher Blues
Genre: Rock: Pop-Rock
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Coco believe me
I'm a lonesome man
I wanna get stoned and trip some wires
I wanna get myself underground
I said that, you must believe me
When I say I'm fightin the dead
Lyin low across the evening
Can you see the lumps on my head?
But I got these voices that just keep singin out
"I just cant stop losin' control"
"I just cant stop losin' control"
Said that..."I just cant stop losin' control"

Trench wander pavement
Tryin to score some love
In the corner of the city
Matching faces with fees
I guess that you never been here by the look upon ya face
Standing with all the whores and cannibals
In the censored race

Singin out..
"I just cant stop losin' control"
"I just cant stop losin' control"
Said that...
"I just cant stop losin' control"
"I just cant stop losin' control"

( x 2 )

I got these voices....

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