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Artist: Kasey Chambers
Kasey Chambers Author
Album: Wayward Angel (2004)
Kasey Chambers - Wayward Angel Album
Song Title: Wayward Angel
Genre: Rock: Folk-Rock
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Well I am a wayward angel

I don't suffer I don't cry

And late in the night your sleeping

I come to hover by your side

So close your weary weathered eyes

These tears are just a faint disguise

Cause I am a wayward angel

I don't suffer, I don't cry

Cold in the heart of winter

Make your shiver make you blue

I'm stay close by your window

Give your blankets to hold on to

So sleep my baby for a while

You'll wake with the light of a mothers smile

Cause I am a wayward angel

I don't suffer I don't cry

I am a wayward angel

I feel no sorrow

I'll always carry you home

I'll bring salvation

Before tomorrow

I'll be wherever you go

Break like a first time heartache

Leaves you weaker leaves you tears

Hold my hand much tighter

I will walk you through these years

So close your weary weathered eyes

You'll wake with the light of a mothers smile

Cause I am a wayward angel

I don't suffer I don't cry

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