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Artist: Kashmir
Song Title: Melpomene
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Something tells me that I'm left without a chance
in my suspicious attempts to get her close
enough to close my lips around her smile
now I can't close my eyes when she's around
and she's around
passing like the wind that shapes the clouds
she is around, she is around

i don't know how but suddenly it has been a while
and we're been walking in through taht same front door
undressing like there were no parts to hide
and calling each other names we never had
you never heard
and then an unexpected turn
and we hit the kerb
a stupid term, a fatal word

Flutter girl
killing me with her sunshine
she's so unaware
that she's my melpomene

you broke the code
just like i'm sure you always do
without intentions but I know
that's how I broke away from you
now that the clouds are obsolete
I hope you landed on your feet
without those evil demons
keeping you reminding of...

the war they pulled us through
as fragile hearts ran short of glue
as we're both running out of time
and seek to drown the fact in wine
it should be honest and naive
like we should give, we should receive
I must be jaded
fading out of fuction into solitude

Flutter girl
killing me with her sunshine
she's so unaware
that she's my melpomene

Flutter girl
killing me with her sunshine
she's so unaware
that she's my melpomene

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