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Artist: Kathleen Edwards
Kathleen Edwards Author
Album: Back To Me (2001)
Kathleen Edwards - Back To Me Album
Song Title: Away
Genre: Rock
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I remember the way

Driving home late

Speeding all the way

Alone in the rain

I was rehearsing a part

From down at the bar

My mouth smelled like a drink

We were laughing, I think

I've been away

Do you pick up your phone

Do you check your mail

Do you answer your door even if it's late?

I don't know who to call

I don't know who to write

And I think I forgot

What your face looks like

I've been away

Do you think that I've changed

I swear I never tried

Memory is a terrible thing

When you use it right

I was rehearsing a part

From down at the bar

My mouth smelled like a drink

We were laughing, I think

I've been away

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