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Artist: Kathryn Williams
Song Title: Swimmer
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You said that i'm the best swimmer
You've seen give me a ring
You sat there up on you're high chair
Give me a ring
'Cause i can't swim to the edge
Feel im becoming the marie celeste
And there's choosing to live
Instead of changing into a myth

You said im better than deceit
So give it a rest
Hes somewhere drinking 'til he forgets
Who he really is
He built himself up lonely
Wish his life was as peaceful
As the marie celeste
And there's choosing to live
But he'd love he'd love he'd love to be a myth

And there's fight s on the wall
How come pints are so small
Than three months ago
And there's choosing to live
But it could end any minute so he'll drift he'll drift hell drift into myth
Into myth, into myth, into myth
Into myth, into myth, into myth
Into Myth

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