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Artist: Kathy Mar
Song Title: Fix
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Some of us make the music 'cause we hate to waste the lessons E D

Some of us make the musing 'cause it eases all our painsA G

Some of us make the music 'cause we want to make the moneyC D

But some of us feel the sweet sweet drug of music A C G

Just like heroin in our veins D E

Some of us make the music 'cause like faith it can move mountains E D

Some of us make the music 'cause normality restrainsA G

Some of us make the music 'cause it gushes out like fountains C D

But some of us feel the cold black breath of dyingA C G

In the moment that silence reigns D E


Oh take me to the mountainD E

Oh take me to the sea D A

Oh make me feel the beating D C

of the heart beneath my fingers G D

and the rushing of the wind D A G

that's calling me D B7 E

Some of us make the music 'cause applause is what we're after E D

Some of us make the music just to break oppression's chains A G

Some of us make the music 'cause we're running from the laughterC D

But some of us feel the sudden rush of musicA C G

As it bubbles up in our brainsD E

Some of us make the music 'cause we cannot make tommorowE D

Some of us make the music 'cause we cannot reach the starsA G

Some of us make the music for the joy and for the sorrowC D

But all of us hooked on music learn a littleA C G

Too late we'll never hide the scars D E

Words and music:Kathy Mar

Copyright 2002 Kathy Mar

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