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Artist: Kathy Troccoli
Song Title: A Different Road
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I?ve traveled long
I?ve traveled hard
And stumbled many times along the way
I?ve bruised my knees a lot
And turned my back on God
And seen His mercy
I?ve been quick to judge
And slow to learn
So many times I?ve gotten in the way
I think I know so much
I?ve questioned God enough
But still He loves me

So now I?ll walk a different road
I want to see Him there before I even go
I?ve run ahead and gone too slow
I?ve got to be still now
Wait upon His will now
This time,
It?s gonna be His time

Don?t want to live without
The peace that comes to me
When I am by His side
I?ve known the freedom there
Can?t find it anywhere
But in Christ Jesus
I believe He?s got a plan
Everything in His time
I may not always understand
Everything in His time
Everything in His time

by K. Troccoli, B. Sudano, N. DiGesare

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