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Song Title: Vacation (Live Version)
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Oh I don't need an education,
Just a microphone's intoxication,
And I can't deal with concentration,
Give me tounges and stimulation,
Who are you to know story,
Who are you to read my book,

I don't think you know how crazy,
People say I am,
"You're running in the deep end, Katy, Why don't you give a damn?",

I've lost all sense of navigation,
But got my Cali-fornication,
Don't give me words of hard degration,
I only accept infatuations,

One one one cause you left me
And two two two for my family
And three three three for my heartaches
And four four four for my headaches
And five five five for my lonely
And six six six for my sorrow
And seven seven no tomorrow
Eight eight I forgot what it was for
But nine nine not for the lost cause
Ten ten ten ten for everything everything everything everything

I'm a fragile kind of glass,
I won't wear your stupid mask,

I don't think you know how crazy,
People say I am,
"Your running in the deep end, Katy, Why don't you give a damn?",

I still hold hands with my creation,
But cross my eyes at it's elation,
And if i miss my graduation,
I'll have one fucking long vacation

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