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Artist: Kavana
Song Title: Holding Back On You
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Aaaah.. I can't stop...
Holding back... Can't stop...
Holding back on you...
Yeah you know I never can do it...
Never stop me holding back...
Yeah you know I never can do it yeah yeah
I'm holding back on you...

We fell in love and we fell apart
I want to touch but I know I can't
It seems to me that you choose to ignore
I'm staying here you can have it all...

The silence kills me everytime
It gets so tough I lose my mind,
Yeah, yeah, oh, oh...

You couldn't understand,
The feelings that you create,
Whoa... Whoa...

You are the one I'm dreaming of,
I know what I must do, never stop me holding back,
I had my chance but I let it pass,
I'm holding back on you, holding back on you...

If I knew then all the things I know now,
I'd never be the lonely one who's losing out,
Anxiety has become my new friend,
I'm losing control, when's it going to end?

The silence hits me everytime,
It gets so tough I lose my mind,
Yeah, yeah, oh, oh...

You couldn't underestimate,
The feelings that you do create,
Whoa... Whoa...

(repeat chorus)

I can't stop, holding back,
Do you know I never can do it?
I can't stop loving you,
Holding back on you,
I can't stop, holding back,
Do you know I never can do it?
I can't stop loving you,
Can't stop myself from falling in love...

(repeat chorus)

Whoa, the silence kills me, and you know it,
Never stop me hlding back,
Whoa, and you never underestimate,
Holding back on you...
(repeat twice

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