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Artist: Kay Hanley
Song Title: Chady Saves The Day
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i said it's only worth doing to bother you
and he said well you must be trippin
yes that was true and i came here to rescue you
now im stoned on a lake and im skipping

chady lights the way
chady saves the day

we were at best with a drink and a cigarette
and we darkened the fine lines
i was busy ignoring his litany of regret
it was by grand design that

chady lights the way
chady saves the day

all those photographs
fall from gilded frames
all the breaking glass
i want it back
now you're so pure
propped up by your ghost
all the cheap velour
i want it back
the memory fades in light
the memory it fades in light
i just want a life i don't wanna hurt anyone
but sometimes you have to
i just want a life i don't wanna hurt anyone
but sometimes

chady lights the way
chady saves the day

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