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Artist: Keating Ronan
Keating Ronan Author
Album: Destination (2002)
Keating Ronan - Destination Album
Song Title: My One Thing Thats Real
Genre: Dance: Pop
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I hope you feel
The same way I feel
My one thing that's real
And I pray your mine
To the end of time
Thank god you're alive

In this world of pain
You've never changed
You're sun through the rain
World look at us
We've got an everlasting love
And I know there's a god above
Because he sent

This is our life there's no time to fight
You're my guiding light
World look at us
We've got an everlasting love
And I know there's a god above
Because he sent

I hope you feel
The same way I feel
My one thing that's real

one... two.. three...four

Awhooooo..Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Na Na Na Na [x2]

My one Thing that's real [2]

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