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Artist: Keb Mo
Keb Mo Author
Album: Keb' Mo' (1994)
Keb Mo - Keb
Song Title: Anybody Seen My Girl
Genre: Blues
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None of my businesses's gettin' all of my concern.
I tried to put out the fire, but the flames still burn,
and as she pleases, she comes and goes,
she's got the wind in her hair.
She never ceases to hurt me so,
does she really care?
Is she ever comin' home? Is she ever gonna phone?
Another nicht alone...
Has anybody seen my girl? Has anybody seen my woman?
California, Tennesse, send my baby home to me!
Where am i goin' or what am i gonna do?
I know i'm not crazy, i'm just hooked on you.
So go on and use me, endlessly, could you let me know
when you need me, hold me close and, baby, don't let go.
Are you ever comin' home? Are you ever gonna phone?
Another night alone...
Has anybody seen my girl? Has anybody seen my woman?
California, Tennesse, send my baby home to me!
Has anybody seen my girl? Has anybody seen my woman?
California, Tennesse, send my baby home to me,
... home to me!

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