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Artist: Keep Of Kalessin
Keep Of Kalessin Author
Album: Agnen - A Journey Through The Dark (1999)
Keep Of Kalessin - Agnen - A Journey Through The Dark Album
Song Title: Orb Of Man
Genre: Metal: Death, Black
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Walking the dying orb of man

An empty path , blinded: fear

Unable to speak the tongue of wrath

Deaf to words not spoken in crowd

Nameless centuries

Still underneath

I am so alien to you

Shut were those fragile eyes

During all these starlit nights

Hearing the dying prayer

Of a man

His pity words disgust me

...who are you too speak

Whose mind (is) in chains

You never walked alone

Tasted sour wine

Warriors like me

-The wicked kind

Hand of mans demise

Darken spirits

Asleep for so long

It is time to open our eyes

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