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Artist: Keepsake
Song Title: I Never Like The Way You Danced
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You told me not to put you up on a pedestal,
fine then I'll just sit here and die.
It's all right. I'll drink another to you,
I'll get in a fight or two,
it doesn't matter with who.
It's all right.
A twenty one year old dream,
now you'll corrupt the whole scene.
I think it's gone far enough, it's all right.
I think you know what I mean, I think you know what to do,
I think I'm coming with you.
Looking back I never was so right.
A night of fun would do us good night.
So here's to losing you,
A toast my love from me to you.
Drink up now, don't be a fool while you're still on my pedestal.
So we should go out and dance, we'll have a night on the town,
turn up the radio loud, it's all right.
You'll drink another to me, you'll get in a fight or three,
It doesn't matter to me. It's alright.
A seventeen year old dream,
now we've corrupted the whole scene I think we've gone far enough,
it's all right I think you know what I mean,
I think you know what to do, I think I'm comings with you.

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