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Artist: Keith Murray
Keith Murray Author
Album: The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World (0)
Keith Murray - The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World Album
Song Title: Escapism
Genre: Rock
Visits: 737
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featuring Redman

Hooo ahhh!
High as a motherfucker
Zonin on cloud nineteen as the Def Squad takes you
on another eerie place... of a dark side

[Keith Murray]
I escape from the world
To show niggaz that my style is superb
For what it's worth I'm gettin off planet Earth
but I gotta redefine gravity first
So I figure I get my guns and I bust the biggest cap
from the demand of the trigger
I'm equipped to dip with a knapsack
and a survival kit, with blunts n shit (word!)
I'm in all black, ?with a face? money
wanna double to NASA, to hijack a space shuttle
More ages than curiosity
I enter the backdoor with animosity ("Yeah, here's Murray!")
Searchin for the astronauts, checkin my watch
Determined the time I had to be out
I saw my prey without a second delay
Suited up, strapped down, straight and on my way
For five seconds to liftoff I was in the Hell
when I escaped from the world

I escaped from the world (4X)

So far...
I went through a Milky Way of stars
And landed on my destination, which was Mars (whoa, shit!)
This planet was foreign and new
As I'm puffin on a blunt, observin the view
To my surprise, a spaceship arrived
Out came a Martian, with six fingers and three eyes
He spoke a bleeky type of dialect ("Bleek, bleek bleek bleek bleek bleek")
but understood my form of intellect
I said, "I'm Keith Murray from the planet Earth
Boy I'm psychosomatic and homicidal with a verse"
My hypercritical form of words busts his brains
and then the whole atmosphere changed ("What the fuck?")

rrarahrhagharhar rharhagahgahrahgh

I was surrounded by some Martians in the hut about to front
I used my last resort, and pulled out the Blunts
Lit it, got the whole Martian crew blitted
So now's my chance to try to get acquitted
I said, "I escaped from the planet Earth
to let my mind untwirl because I'm mad at the world
And the murder wasn't premeditated
My language was just mis-interpretated"
One acknowledge I'm right and pulled out the peace pipe
Aight? About to set the vibes right
He lit it with his finger, I smelled the Martian buddha linger
I felt good cause I released some anger
No sooner than the cease of the herb ignite
I was headed back to Earth at the speed of light
Upon my return niggaz thought I was in jail
Nah kids... I escaped from the world

As we zone, on the cosmic type of funk
(escapism y'all)
We drop mad flows, for the 1990's
(escapism y'all, escapism y'all)
The Funk Doctor Spock signin off live
(escapism y'all, escapism y'all, escapism y'all)
This is how we do
(escapism y'all, escapism -- escape from the world)
Flows enough for the nineteen ninties and we OUT!
(escapism y'all

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