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Artist: Keith Murray
Keith Murray Author
Album: It's a Beautiful Thing (1999)
Keith Murray - It
Song Title: Media
Genre: Electronic
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Motherfucker. You motherfuckers!

Verse 1:
Keith Murray flips the undergroup cut dope funk flow chromotose
So listen close
I'm like the undertaker turning rappers into ghosts
Host and roast MC's like I'm suppose
I can send L.O.D. to bust caps perhaps
Bring E and Red and we can kick some raps
This track is so sickenin' and bouncin'
Make you nod your head so much you need counciling
I flow to a rough kind of mode
Competition run for cover cause I'm droppin' loads
No brainer crossing over in the Range Rover
Insainer pack heat like a super nova
Keith Murray gets it on and poppin'
Shut it down like administrative lockin'
Marble face poetry poverty hard
Perform like the ?
We went from allies to enemies
Stingin' like centipedes
Sit around and watch death come in threes
I burn like lye
Gruesome like Faces Of Death parts 1,2,3,4 and 5

Everyday I got a new style hatchin'
This is more than rappin' this is media hyjackin'
"As long as I'm alive I'm a keep the vibe
24-7 365"- Redman (x2)

Verse 2:
I'm a leader without affair
Soldier without a past
Come around here frontin' and we gonna splash your ass
And you feelin' me you drillin' me with maximum intensity
Intentionally that's how it's suppose to be
Spectacular monster rap or slasher
At the nightfall I'm after ya like Blackula
I rap with a Blackenstein frame of mind
Aircraft fly when I use to push my braids to the side
Slide from Keith Jekyle to Murray Hyde
My battle cry make niggas wanna just lay down and die
It's imparitive that you feel the heritage I provide
Comin' courtesy but with no Jive
? freaka, conversatin' through frequent modulations out digital speakers
I make you give it all you got don't stop for a breather
Turn a rap aethesist into a Def Squad believer
Yo Keith Murray can't be touched
Plus girls jump in my flow like double dutch


Verse 3:
You went from a full course meal to a half chicken wing
Girl you gotta grow up if you wanna do your thing
You can't make me or break me but hate me greatly
Call me on my birthday to try to aggrivate me
Cause when I rock I got all the girls with me
Got niggas bouncin' off the wall like spider monkey
Bury the hatchet in the back of anybody tryin' to match it
It's the vulture new fulture gonna scratch it while you catch it
There's a hole in the bucket there lies a
Nigga dead and stinkin'
For sittin' around with his ass stinkin'
Flamboyant undunted most wanted
Those that don't understand it better get up on it God damn it
The life of the party order hits like John Gotti
But shhh that's on the low don't tell nobody
The scientist of the George ave do work in the lab
Test my experiments out on the ave
They got you thinkin' but they lyin' anyways
So when they gossipin' about us they got nothin' to say
Don't play


Yeah yeah yeah once agian the incredible
Mr. Murray comin' at you incredible Def Squad unforgeytable.
Flippin' the script and all that other good shit
We gonna let y'all niggas know to your face what's up

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