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Artist: Keith Murray
Keith Murray Author
Album: He's Keith Murray (2003)
Keith Murray - He
Song Title: Oh My Goodness
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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(Yeah this the build up) OH NO!

You knew we was coming back

But you ain't know we was coming back like this

C'mon, it's gon' be a problem ya'll

(Yeah uh huh, Keith Murray, Def Jam, Def Squad)

Keith Murray gon' make you go uh - uh uh uh

(How it's gon' be)

Def Squad gonna make you go ah - ooh ooh ah


I come on stomping mud holes in tracks like Timbaland

The producer and the booth, niggas so don't get cute

I come through in the coupe with the chopped off roof

Humiliate you then blast you in your birthday suit

You a small side order of apple cider

I'm a three hot's in a cot dungeon rider

My hardcore street team crash the party with Def Jam

And Incorporate +Murda+ like +Gotti+

How about in back of the yellow cab like Seinfeld

Chew you like little neck clams on half shells

I got a hypochondriac flow that get real ill

Get nautious to the beat, I spit sick at will

And the time has come and your shit is sour

You need to turn your flow up an hour

Give you a permanent lean, like the Pais Tower

With a hoes that will wet you down like a cold shower


Yo we got the shit on lock (uh huh)

Come through and blast the spot (yeah man)

And my name is the record, so check it, when I put it on record

Everybody say oh my goodness!

And my folks if you with me where you at? (yes sir)

If you love what I'm doing holla back (talk to me)

And when I step on the scene, a lean mean wrecking machine

Everybody scream oh my goodness!


And yeah I hear you talking motherfucker write the check

And if you in the house then protect your neck

I? 'Mister See You Anywhere It's Gon' Be A Showdown'

So ya'll better have lyrics when I come 'round

Cause I ain't lost a battle since God knows when

Some niggas tried to front but they gots no win

Taught how to prevent to lose and handle the win

Like birds are made to fly and fish made to swim

Wait a minute homie you don't really know me homie

I'll take you to a picnic boy you lunch meat

With my dazzling appearance and my world wide clearance

I am treacherous, inferio, impermanent, impetuous

I rock like an archeologist

Draw a picture like a forensic artist, perform like a dramatist

I'm fabulously wicked, miraculous

Rustic, majestic, ridiculous, oh my goodness



Keith Murray gon' make you go uh - uh uh uh

Def Squad gon' make you go ah - ooh ooh ah

Oh my goodness!

Keith Murray gon' make you go uh - uh uh uh

Def Squad gon' make you go ah - ooh ooh ah

Oh my goodness!


And you in line motherfucker like them people in court

So when I see you I'm a pop your top like a cork

I pack flow like ammo, spit like camels

Come through and bless your whole crew like (achoo)

But some still wanna holla, pop they collar

Fucking with me like I run a funeral parlor

Linguist lyricist out for +Chips+ like +Estrada+

Bilingual emcees even couldn't even couldn't do me nada

With this mic I'm handy, flows be dandy

It's a +Full Moon+ and hoes wanna fuck like +Brandy+

Yeah I've been hated on, you probably heard it

And I kicked their little ass but them niggas deserved it

And I'm still in the hood and I still rep the hood

Still +Tee'ing Off+ for a +Long Green+ like +Tiger Woods+

I ain't even gotta say it, ya'll know when it's hot

So ya'll go back up in the vocal box



Uh - uh uh uh

ah - ooh ooh ah

Oh my goodness!

Keith Murray gon' make you go uh - uh uh uh

Def Squad gon' make you go ah - ooh ooh ah

Oh my goodness!

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