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Artist: Kekal
Song Title: Violenst Society
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understanding the patterns of social life - to bring forth contradictory
goals - there is no double-standard in any stance - to fight for something
worth to fight for - a clash of interests - reconciliation is nonsense -
when law has been paralized - regulations out of order - who wants to
bring a fresh air to this sick violent world? - smell of death as we
breathe - can we make a stand? - mass confusion in the wake of grand
ignorance - political maneuvers, dancing on a vicious circle - "divide et
impera", a plot of reducing power of pawns - we, people are just too
uneducated to be aware - a clash of interests - victims of a new
democratic atmosphere - the ones with necrophilic minds shall rise - and
none can stop them as everyone's free - who dares to bring a fresh air to
this sick violent world? - smell of death as we breathe - can we make a
stand? - an opera of madness we found each day - waging destruction,
fascination on deaths - with such weapons and C4's ready to kill -
paranoid grandiosity or necrophilic fantasy? - time for confirmation - to
speak louder than before - a life in a violent society - we shall stand...

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