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Artist: KELIS
KELIS Author
Song Title: Cocaine Business (Hysteria)
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[Noreaga - Verse 1]

Ay yo, we was chillin, on the low

Yo in Vegas, this was at the Magic Show

Had my PNB clothes and my West Coast hoes

Get me at the airport, I'm at the MGM

Smoke Swisher Sweets and Zigs and Zags

Drinkin Brandy straight, out a tall ass glass

They call em Maurice's, I'm wit E-40

Mack-10 yo and that nigga W.C.

Yo in the lobby of the hotel, it's off the hook

They got no more rooms cause the shit all booked

But last night I'm wit Wesley Snipes

Gettin drunk in Cheetah's just feelin aiight

I had to bounce early though, gotta catch a flight

Told Swizz Beatz give a pound to him and his peeps

I had to bounce in the limo, get somthin to eat

Ay yo, I'm bouncin in the limo gettin somthin to eat

It Go...

[Kelis - Chorus]

Cocaine business controls America

Illegal business causin hysteria (4x)

[Noreaga - Verse 2]

On my way to the airport, the limo drive

And then this cat pulled up in a pure white five

He said he hate me and he wished that I'd die

I rolled the window down and I said what's up

I said fuck you, then I rolled the shit back up

I paid it no mind, just drove off tough

And then the driver said to me, yo they followin us

Now I'm a little scared

But I'm still prepared

I'm like one deep wit one gat, nigga I'm here

Then I thought to my self, yo I'm near LaGuardia

Let me cut through the hood and have my niggas just body it up

Have my niggas on the block playin the cut

Call em up, when you see the white five fire it up

At this point I'm poppin shit, knowin I got it

"Come On Motherfucker!!!", out the sunroof I yelled

Hopin these niggas still follow me and still don't bail

It go...


[Pharrell & (Noreaga)]

Ohh(what, wha-what, what) Ahh

Ohh, that shit is gangsta, Ahh

Ohh(what,wha-what, what) Ahh

Ohh, that shit is gangsta, Ahh

[Noreaga - Verse 3]

My niggas was on the block like I planned

They hit the passenger side up and killed his man

I hopped out the limo and just spinned around

Hit the ground, my niggas tried to hit the clown

I said chill, he say he wanna see me die

So let me hit the nigga up, blow him kiss good-bye


Now I just gotta be ghost

I gave my niggas a pound, and then I just hand em the toast

The limo driver got scared and tried to bounce on me

And yo besides the heat, I had an ounce on me

Bullet proof vest feelin like an couch on me

I called the hood cab, oh-5, came real fast

I had to bounce real quick, get up off da ave.

And yo motherfucker that's what I did

Ay yo, I still hit the airport and caught the flight kid

To all the haters, it don't even matter cause we still got doe

[Chorus til fade]

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