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Artist: KELIS
KELIS Author
Album: Kaleisdoscope (1999)
KELIS - Kaleisdoscope Album
Song Title: Mars
Genre: R&B: Soul
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Earth to your brain
Yo, yo, yo, yo
Yo, yo, Houston I think we have a problem
Yo, yo, I think we have a problem
Yo, yo, we have a problem
Yo, yo

Days, you know those days
When everyone seems to aggravate you
Unfazed, fucked up ways
Don?t try to ignore, you know that it?s true
See you say to yourself that you really don?t wanna deal
And this day to day action on Earth just don?t appeal

You know how hard you try
You?ve been known to take so much
They shoot at you cause you?re fine
Bite the bullet I know that it sucks
If security?s thin then faith will pull you through
If you still angry follow me
And do what I do

1 - Do you hear what I?m talking ?bout?
Do you hear we can conquer the world?
Got this whole world running from
This love between a boy and a girl
They?re afraid of this chemistry
Plus the speed of light of laser guns
They go *laser sounds*
To the light in every one

There you want some friends
Seems like everybody has friends
Depends on what you call friends
You don?t really care you just want one
It?s a person full of feelings but nobody?s there
But you have to ask yourself if they were
Would they really care?
They do bullshit some times
They do the things that you?ve done
They?re people just like you
But tell me do you want one
98 percent of faith won?t follow through
Don?t you know real magic comes from the other two?

Repeat 1 (2x)

It was last week we were watching TV
My boyfriend wanted to watch channel three
Then he started to freak
The news flash came on then
So I said hey, my popcorn?s burning
Hey, why is the channel turning?
Hey, that was NASA what did they want
Hey, yo just pass the blunt
I was so high that I didn?t realize what they said
Plus my eye vision fried
If it?s not then it?s messing with my head
Hey, you can?t be serious
Hey, but I need my contacts
Hey, float and spin
Hey, so I turned and I said, shit

2 - Do you hear what they talking ?bout?
About to send your black ass to Mars
That?s exactly what I?m talkin? bout
Money, science, space, and mars
Till someday you got that million
Just because you?ve been hanging with stars
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
And send your black ass to Mars

Repeat 1

Yo, yo, yoooo
Yo, nigga-nigga, yo
Yo, Star Track, yo, yoooo (ha-ha)
Yo, Kelis, yo, Neptunes, yoooo
Earth to your brain, yoooo
UFO, who knows?
Earth to your brain
What is it already closed?
You?re fucked

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