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Artist: Keller Williams
Song Title: Kidney In A Cooler
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a break in the schedule
sufficient coolant leak
well we thought we were doing the right thing
now you cannot be too picky
in Cheyenne on a Sunday
then up walked the mechanic
with the perpendicular teeth
perpendicular teeth, oh yeah

by the 17th hour
they pulled us up in the bay
and funky tooth started diggin'
down under the hood
after clearing a path to the water pump
and taking a four hour break
by hour 27 we were all good
then we sailed from Little America, oh yeah

only two days later
on the way down to Deep Elem
we broke down in Oklahoma
where a wind come behind the rain
we got towed to a town called Perry
where a woman's car took priority
she had a kidney in a cooler
so two nights we had to stay
so she could deliver the kidney, oh yeah

when you go down to Deep Elem
down to the Gypsy Tea Room
tell 'em I'm broke down in Perry
and I'll try to make it back soon
oh sweet mama
your daddy got them Deep Elem blues
oh sweet mama
your daddy got them Deep Elem blues

now I know I will be paying
on the concept after it's through
unrealistic, maybe
but there's something I gots to do
I need a big ass bus with a satellite dish
a double-decker double-wide what I wish
I dream open eyed
that this be true
my double-decker double-wide, oh yeah

it's gonna have two icemakers
in both refrigerators
a silent but violent generator
to run the subwoofers and the disco ball
the escalator up to the dance hall
on the second floor with a giant sky light
driving range and jacuzzi just right
for skinny dipping right after the show
at 80 miles an hour
it's worth all the dou

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