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Artist: Ks Choice
Song Title: Busy
Genre: Alternative
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You think you havent changed
You think Im being sentimental
You've finally reached that age
Security is fundamental

You think you havent changed
You think that youre just growing older
You wanted to be safe
But it turned you into someone colder

Youre so busy these days
Rearranging your place
Can you still find some space for yourself
You think you havent changed

Is anyone to blame
Id really like to think its you
But it seems like thats the way
Everyone but me is going

Youre so busy these days
Rearranging your face.
Do you still see a trace of yourself

Im losing all of you
To future plans and obligations
I guess that's what you do
When lifes about your next vacation

Youre so busy these days
Rearranging your place
Can you still find some space for yourself

Youre so busy these days
Rearranging your face
Do you still see a trace of yourself

You think you haven't changed

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