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Artist: Ks Choice
Song Title: Somewhere
Genre: Alternative
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Theres something about this day
That feels a lot like yesterday
Everything looks the same:
The wall, the tv set
The way I move around myself to be

Somewhere over there
Where things just seem to grow
Where somebody seems to know
What they want from me

I never felt like I belonged
To anything or anyone
Still I depend on you
For every single thing
I could be wrong about so much, but

Somewhere over there
Where things just seem to grow
Where somebody seems to know
What they want from me

Im too young to know Im young
Im too selfish to be strong
Am I too old
To allow my adolescence to go on

Theres something about this day
Thats not at all like yesterday
I could be

Somewhere over there
Where things just seem to grow
Where somebody seems to know
What they want from me

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