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Artist: L7
L7 Author
Album: The Beauty Process - Triple Platinum (1997)
L7 - The Beauty Process - Triple Platinum Album
Song Title: The Masses Are Asses
Genre: Metal: Alternative
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I still get angry
I still get sad
And the losers still drive me mad
And I wonder
If I have anything to say anymore
Oh yeah I wonder if i have anything to say
Except the masses are asses
They're all asses

Things still piss me off
And things still make me cry
Poetry's in motion but not in mind
Poetry's in motion but not in my mind
Poetic justice will come in time
And I just have to laugh
I just have to laugh
Because the masses are asses
We're all asses
Masses are asses every day
Masses are asses in every way
Woo woo

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