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Artist: La Guns
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Song Title: Here It Comes (4:37)
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When you see me
I'm coming down the road to your back door
Sound of a gun - she stood there laughing
Like her life has no tomorrow
I watched her fade into the dark and cruel night
Something sounded like a promise
Round and round - heaven bound
Stranded in a stranger's town

Here it comes, Another heartache
Here it comes, Another fall

Girl, I want you
You've got the prime time in my morning imagination
I'll be creeping like perfumed smoke
No place for you to hide
I'm gonna shake you girl and keep you satisfied
You and me, This time forever
Feel the motion set me free
Love the things you do for me

Here it comes, Another heartache
Here it comes, Another fall

Sweet liberation, just like a woman
She can make the water wine
Jubilation, your sweet caresses
Gonna drive me outta my mind
I want to let you know just what you mean to me
You and me this time forever
Climb inside my Jaguar
All your friends call you star
Cross your fingers, make a wish
Got the stuff I can't resist

Here it comes, Another heartache
Here it comes, Another fall

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