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Artist: La Sexorcisto
Song Title: Starface
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(One. We are one. One is the begining. The one Herbert.)
(I am not Herbert... I am not Herbert... I am not Herbert... I am not
(X minus 5 seconds...4...3...2...1...0!)
September in the rain - her sweat come a frozen onto my skin
Eliminate the outerspace and come and get I'm swing'n down it again
Synchronize me - fall away
[Well] I believe that - I wicked on the way look alive now!
Yeah! Stars explode my eyes - Well, "I been down a long time"
Days crawl away and die "forever is a long time!"
Yeah! Remember howling "crazy" like at the moonlight superfly
A penetrating powerman "O baby" I'm painted in the sky
Iron fister on the hour / paralyzing demon - flower
Yeah! Stars explode my eyes - Well, "I been down a long time"
Days crawl away and die "forever is a long time!"
Surround the pain the love's insane - got a pseudo-systematic gain
Careening through the neon side a horizontal "mind collide"
Harum scarum holiday
Double deal'n on the ones who say "collapse me with a powerblast"
Groung to zero roll'n fast
Ride the glide - treasure slide got a wooden symbol soul inside
"Freeze" the heart - a razor tear pack she doesn't care
If the pillow jacob sky snatch the pad I don't deny
Been a long time - been a long time
Step into the wind a watch a red girl come alive
She scream'n to the world "I diggin' on the fact that you will not
Radiate me - walk away. You shook the devil's dig deep hand today
Yeah! Stars explode my eyes - Well, "I been down a long time"
Days crawl away and die, "Forever is a long time!"
A million miles an hour, million miles an hour, million miles an hour
- let's get inside!

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