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Artist: LA The darkman
Song Title: Wu World Order
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* one of 3 hidden tracks on the playstation game cd


Wu world order (4x)

[la the darkman]


Niggaz is feeble, I call up a vine-man like ben siegal

Im anti-evil, plus I touch a desert eagle

My lifes illegal, slave man princess is equal

The devils leathal, he killed a hundred million people

Im darkman, iceman, la, wu-tang clan

Trapacanty, sensai, comprende?

My marine corps, straight from the trojan war

Black capped crusador, trapped off, flame thrower

Stuck a chain store when I was dirt poor for my reward

Next week the germans have me on a bulletin board

I beat that case, they couldnt identify my face

Im triple darkness, silence or Ill have you erased

Me and my wu pirates start riots with osirus

Math, I apply it, kill you, but Im quiet

Repect the abbott, its love allah

Shine like a superstar, sting with the cobra claw


Wu world order (8x)

[bobby digital]


I enter through the chamber of your ear

In a high-pitched silent tone only a dog could hear

And impregnante you, with the wisdom of the wu

Then your sub-conscious dreams come constantly true

Have you in such deep thought, your pulse and blood presures so low

You diagnosed as corpse

Havin outer body experience, clan no interference

Everything with physical form, lose appearance

We become one with the formulas, now you feel the strongest

Escape, trample lies, you live for the longest

Live a thousand years in a day

Without opening your mouth you say everything you wanted to say

Attract to the call of the earth, I stay grounded

The sun in the center of this, Im surrounded

My planets in midst, I spins, the windchill

But my light melts your snowflake from ninety-three mil

All with the ear, let em here as we reveal

Cause one ear of corn can produce a cornfield

And one cornfield can produce the corn mill

The bread from the body of christ, orangeville

With the truth of life inside your bone marrow

You could make your physical as large as your shadow

Whether space or cyborg, optic is fiber

Become a pawn, multimedia subscriber

And hibernate, the wu tape in your mental state

Let it meditate, sit back and await

The orders, for this you dont need no tape recorder

So lets prepare for the wu world order


Wu world order (8x)

[bobby digital]

We comin soon and we strikin at your borders

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