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Artist: Lab Black
Song Title: Sleeps With Angels
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She sleeps with angels way up high in the air
She sleeps with angels, she got angels in her hair
And they call her Gabrielle from the way that she sings
Oh lover come you gotta get you some wings
She sleeps with angels up in the sky
Sleeping with angels you can't help but get high
All right

When your bag gets heavy baby lay down you load
Get on your hands and knees and do like you've been told
You can ask for more
You can ask for less
You can sleep forever
You sleep forever with the angels
In their long white robes
Sleeping with Jesus Lord sleeping with Jove
All right

Sleep with the angels Mama never look back
Sleep with the angels while the sky turns to black
You can sleep under ladders on the tracks of a train
But sleeping in the clouds won't keep you out of the rain
All right

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