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Artist: Labyrinth
Labyrinth Author
Album: Sons Of Thunder (2000)
Labyrinth - Sons Of Thunder Album
Song Title: Touch The Rainbow
Genre: Metal
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As birds are free to fly away,
so spread your wings and take your flight.
And please, forgive me, if you can
I was much too deaf to hear you cry.

Go, then, take your freedom!
Damn, I know I'm doing what is right.

So run as fast as you can,
don't ever turn back, never!
Until we'll touch the rainbow,
and a new sun will shine upon this land...

I'm not an angel, yes, I know:
I'm just a man who used to fight alone.
But now I promise: don't be afraid,
no more tears tonight.

We will save our freedom,
God I know we're doing what is right...

So run as fast as you can,
don't ever turn back, never!
Until we'll touch the rainbow,
and a new sun will shine upon this land...

My soul won't find peace in this heart
till I see solace in your sullen face...
Chills running down my spine,
as your image flows through my mind...

Still I'd die for freedom,
the only thing I'm feeling right...

So run as fast as you can,
don't ever turn back, never!
Until we'll touch the rainbow,
and a new sun will shine upon this land...

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