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Artist: Lady Of Rage
Song Title: Big Bad Lady
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In the middle like Monie
You're phony cause your styles bologna
But I rock with no filler, ain't a girl m.c. illa - puttin'
Rappers on ice, then lock the body in a chilla
The way I fucks it up, I upchuck nasty style like
Throwup blow up, then go nuts
Like a lady Ninja killa
I'll drill deep beneath the surface
It's the Rage, front page, I heat up like a furnace
My stelo gots bulk
Check the gamma rays from the she Hulk
Stomping through your territory
New rap female category
Winner, and your style gets played out like the
Not a soprano, or alto, the Rage is a tenor
My voice is just right - I bust hypodermics to your
Inner minds eye
Makin' you hip-hop junkies wanna fly
Like eagles, my stlye sharp as cathedral steeples

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