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Artist: Lady Saw
Song Title: Get A Straw
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Hey yuh si from a guy bad mind
Him ago get jook by joe grind same time
Yuh undastan, ray ray ray an ray ray ray
Yuh si wha mi a deal wid; a so wi seh inno

Tell a guy fih get a straw
An if dem nuh like it tell him which part fi chaw
Tell dem sey mi dun have mi tings an mi naw
Beg nuh bady nutten so dem can kiss mi......
Nuh wait pan nuh paadener draw
Lady Saw, a one gal wey a nuh bady little pya pya
Hippocrate fi leggo; tell dem left out a yah
Goody goody gal mi nuh keep swaamy law
Cause mi wok hard fih wha mi want

Well a nuff a dem a try
Dem a scheme and dem a lie
But from yuh si di flex
Yuh know a red dem red eye
Mi a wanda if a tru dem si me a go through
Dem pass mi an nuh say how-di-do


A nuff a dem a act like dem higher dan di moon
A chuck it like dem check seh big woman a cartoon
Mek dem gwaan pass remarks till dem buss like balloon
Mi still a mek number one tune


Choo mi a young pickney gal, dem nuh love how mi a strive
Mi buy mi mother house before mi reach twenty-five (25)
Dun two paassport to di way how mi a chuh
Dem wish mi woulda die


Well a nuff a dem a try
Dem a scheme and dem a lie
But from yuh si di vex
Yuh know a red dem red eye
Mi a wanda if a choo dem si me a go trough
Dem pass mi an nuh say how-di-do


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