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Artist: Lady Sovereign
Lady Sovereign Author
Song Title: Sad Ass Stripah
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Jentina this is not a dream...

wanna wanna wanna b wanna b wat eva

what the f**k?
You was born in a caravan,
That don't make you ghetto
I seen more ghetto in posh spice's stelleto
You chat like a blonde but i swear your a brunette
When's your carrer endin'?
Tell me as soon as
'cause ur fuckin' annoyin' ma ears
with your bullshit walk and
bullshit talk and
crack head dances!
and you didnt get crap advances
Your record labels dumb
for signing a fitch
who can tracks her bum
whos still askin her mum "whats cum?"
your fake and you look k-cut
try wearing less make-up
you got a quiff like elvis
how can you sell this
escalade, st tropez
What escalade!?
i saw you drivin a Nissan Sunny down Peckham way.

'Caus your fuckin' annoyin' my ears
Wid your bullshit walk 'n' bullshit talk and crack head dances
And you didn't get crak head 'vances
Your record label's dumb
For signin for a (?)
You're fake and you look caker (?)
Try wearin less make up
You got a quiff like elvis
How can u sell this?
(escalate and St. Tropez) wat escalate hahaha
swear you drive down his house sunny day back and wave (wtf?!)

wanna wanna wanna b wanna b
sad arse strippah in a messed-up way
Get out da car 'n' drop ya hair sprays
wanna wanna wanna wanna b wanna b
sad arse stripper in a meseed-up way, how da fuck did you get airplay?
fuckin' fake Fuckin' fake, fuckin' fake fuckin' fake

Jenny from da block more like jenny from a flock of pidgeons
What class A drug did they put in it?
Chicken- all spazin out in the video like you're trippin'
Incase your mum gave birth while she was strippin'
Shuka Shake, shake the brake your hips andfall out of your caravan right into a ditch, bitch!

wanna wanna wannab wanna b
fu**kin fake fu**kin fake x2

wanna wanna wanna b wanna b
sad arse srtipper in a messed-up way
get out ya car n drop ya hair sprays
wanna wanna wanna wanna b wanna b

sad arse stripper in a messed-up way
How da f**k did ya get airplay?
fu**kin fake fuckin fake x2

I have come to fuck up your carerra
Bitch- dont fuck around wid dis titch, yeah!
I, have cum 2 really take da piss
And, you, will take dis lyrical dis'!
(happy birthday!)

(repeat chorus)

Ah, yeah!
You been chattin' bout ya gucci thongs
but how many weeks, bitch have u had it on (eurgh!)
I can tell by your dances-
dat it's sum wear stuck up her bum (eurgh!)

(repeat cHorus)

burberry... St. Tropez..when are ya' gunna learn to speak properly?!
Who gives a shit anyway?
Just some dirty ol' men in cell block H

Fuckin' fake, Fuckin' fake, Fuckin' fake, Fuckin' fake

(repeat Chorus)


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