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Artist: Ladytron
Ladytron Author
Album: Light and Magic (2002)
Ladytron - Light and Magic Album
Song Title: Flicking Your Switch
Genre: Indie
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Stole your visa card & took a trip downtown
I don't really care that there is people around
923816 is the sound that I'm flickering your switch
815194 does this mean you don't trust me anymore?
Does this mean you don't trust me anymore?

I'm so happy that you're coming down to play
Now I'm the only one to make the decisions anyway
369248 is the sound of them play with your head
815194 does this mean you don't trust me anymore?
Does this mean you don't trust me anymore?

It's about time you shut off the city lights
Now I don't recall there being moronic signs
923816 is the sound of them flickering your switch
815934 does this mean you don't trust me anymore?

Does this mean you don't trust me anymore?

815194 does this mean you dont trust me anymore?
Does this mean you don't trust me anymore?

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