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Artist: Laeba
Song Title: I Thought
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I thought we were OK
Like two of a kind
Until that light of love
Soon began to blind
Blind me into thinking
It was real
Our love for you and me
With our lips sealed

I know you loved me
That is true
But I need to know now
Did I really love you?

I thought we were meant to be
Just you and me
I thought our feelings were strong
And they could never go wrong
I thought I shouldn't walk away
Right until this day
And now I know
That there's no where for me to go
But I can't stay here with you like this

Ooooooh oh yeah baby!

It would be wrong
For me to mislead you
For much longer
It's true
When I'm not a latino
And you are
We're different cultures
Plus you're normal and I'm a star

So you did love
It is true
And now I think I know
I didn't love you


Now I know
I'm moving on
So please baby
Oh please be strong
We'd never
Work it out alright
Not tonight
I know you don't want this
But I sure do
So please baby
Cause I don't love you

You thought I'd never leave
I wiped my hand on my sleeve
You thought I'd never lie
And now you wanna cry
You realise the pain
Just think about my gain
You want whats best for me
And I do to as you can see
I know its hard for you to take
It would've have been a big mistake
To stay it would have ment me sad
You'd sooner that I was glad
So now I'm gone
I love you
I realise that now
But would you still love me
If I came home
What would you say
I think you would hate me
Til the day you die

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