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Artist: Lakim Shabazz
Lakim Shabazz Author
Album: Lost Tribe of Shabazz (2006)
Lakim Shabazz - Lost Tribe of Shabazz Album
Song Title: Brothers in Action
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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f/ Tashiem

[ Lakim ]

Yo, peace Tashiem

[ Tashiem ]

Peace Lakim

[ Lakim ]

Yo, what's the science, my brother?

[ Tashiem ]

Yo, these brothers gotta start puttin their wisdom in action

to show and prove that they are brothers in action

[ Lakim ]

Yo, let's show and prove it to em

[ Tashiem ]

Peace Lord, all applaud, the Almighty's in action

Flauntin the gift by rippin a style that's fashioned

Strong in my spot, lyrics locked like a bolt

Extensions, sentences season the mic like salt

( ? ) flavor, hungry cause I crave a

Beat to feast on, so Lakim gave a

Opportunity for you to see a God-given gift

My knowledge of self, so I have to uplift

The weak and blind, teach the people of my kind

The truth is light and only sunlight shines

Rays and radiation illimunate a nation

I Self Lord Master, here for generations

Because of the lifeforce, a source of power

Knowledge is facts, wisdom's a shower

Of words spoken wisely showin understandin

Too many people are blind, so the god put a hand in

Our project with dope styles that are complex

Lak's next to flex on this type of text

( ? ) cast a hex, I mark the spot x

Lay low and flow as I go I just flex

( ? ) a fraction, my people are askin

For guidance, I'm ridin not slidin, my traction

Is grippin, not slippin, my rhyme style's rippin

And I'm a brother in action

[ Lakim ]

See, I belong to the righteous and I'm in action

Observe me, I'm packin

Deadly poems is what I hit you with

Affecting those who oppose like ( ? )

My mind's the ( ? ), body's the Asia

I got 120 ways to righteously raise ya

I stand in a square of four equivalent, size equalin 90

Add em up, what did you find, bee?

Not a lame brain lad ( ? ) dixie

But a cipher of complete 360

Usin 23 million miles of useful land

To show and prove I'm the original man

Tricknowlodgy's a game the devil plays

He fooled us before, but no, not nowadays

Columbus discovered the poor part of the planet Earth

He didn't care, he preserved the best part for himself

To build and add on, don't try and play dumb

I'm also the brother that'll take life away from

You and whoever should never

Mess around with Islam, you're not that clever

Cause that ain't ( ? ) begin again

From the beginning to the ending

I'm hyper than a halucinogen

So observe me, knowledge the traction

See, I'm a righteous brother who's in action

[ Lakim ]

Tashiem, my brother

This is the knowledge born born cipher, yeah

and far as I can see

Allah's nation is definitely puttin that wisdom in motion and action

cause we got the magnetic attraction

and we are definitely in effect

My name is Lakim Shabazz Allah

sendin peace to all the gods and earths in the whole entire universe


cause we definitely puttin that wisdom in motion

and we outta here, peace

[ Tashiem ]

Peace, this is the Almighty Tashiem Allah

sendin a shout-out to all the gods in the universe

and to the CDP Posse

and we outta here

[ Lakim ]


[ Tashiem ]


[ repeated ]

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