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Artist: Lakim Shabazz
Lakim Shabazz Author
Album: Lost Tribe of Shabazz (2006)
Lakim Shabazz - Lost Tribe of Shabazz Album
Song Title: Ladies
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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Time to jam, I got a quarter grand ready to splurge

Suddenly I got the urge to watch some bodyslam

Ready to go clubs-hoppin, my pockets

Full of money and I'm feelin real funny

( ? ) figure eights in the place cold stun me

Then I got approached by this light skinned honey

Said, "Don't look surprised, see, I know who you are

Let's separate here and have a drink at the bar

My name's Sexy Betsy, you are a rap star

You got it goin on, I think you're gonna go real far"

Tried to flatter me, said my lips look sweet

And juicy, "and I bet it takes like a peach

What do you think?" I said, "Sex on the Beach"

A few more looks, I had her hooked like a leech

Five minutes we hung out, honey girl strung out

Now I coulda took honey girl home without a doubt

She start to stare, run my fingers all through her hair

You know what happened? A ( ? ) came out

I was surprised, didn't wanna believe

That my hand had to feel honey girl's hair weave

So I chilled, I didn't get ill or rowdy

Said, "See ya baby, I'm Audi like gowdy"

Thought it was real but it was fake, see, I was blind

You never know what you find

Dealin with



Got to have you lady, you sexy baby


Bamboo earrings and things like that don't phase me


Yes, I'm speakin to the fly women of the world

Peep it out


Gimme a lady anytime and keep the fly girls

I like ladies that's light skinned, brown skinned

The tone of skin to me makes no difference

I don't understand why some brothers frown

When they're approached by a woman who's dark or brown skinned

Some light skinned women think they're too good

Stay in the mirror all day and they think that they should

Find a man who's much more darker than them

Why choose your man by the color of skin?

I don't front, I tell straight facts

What I say has a very strong impact

I want you to know the eight shades of yellow

Eight shades of brown and it equals 16 shades of black

You need to wise up, cut out the bull crap

Whoever told you that need to be slapped

I don't smoke dust, not on a pipe or crack

The color of your skin to me doesn't mean jack

Because I know the right way to angle you

Most women are swift and changeable

Listen up laides, see, I got a thing for you

So now I'ma ( ? ) a few

Because I think it's bout time I let you know

I'm into women, but I'm not a superhoe

They're so mysterious, there's somethin about em

You can't live em and I can't live without em


Break it down

( *sax solo* )

Get on the dancefloor, make sure you don't trip

Don't front now, I see you're pluckin those lips

Get a grip on a groove and don't slip

Shake it all around and roll your hips

Hourglass bodies that look sexy sassy

I'm the type that won't let a honey pass me

I'm not a dog, my name's not Lassie

Every once in a while I feel kinda nasty

Cool and calm, composure's kept

But some honeys think I'm only out to get my thing wet

My main goal is to control your soul

On the dancefloor cause like Keith, I'll make you sweat

Because you're so tender

Leavin me breathless, so this message I send ya

They're so mysterious, there's somethin about em

You can't live em and I can't live without


Yeah, uknowmsayin?

This is how I feel about you ladies in the '90s

cause y'all so sweet and tender

so I had to kick one out for you, yeah

This is Lakim Shabazz in full effect, 1990

and like L.L. said, 'small things are definitely behind me'

See ya

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