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Artist: Lakim Shabazz
Lakim Shabazz Author
Album: Lost Tribe of Shabazz (2006)
Lakim Shabazz - Lost Tribe of Shabazz Album
Song Title: No Justice No Peace
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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(We were stripped from our land

they took our families and deliberately broke them apart

took the father one place, the mother some place else

and then they had the child whose mind was white

once they indoctrinate him with all this inferiority talk)

( Africa with your blood relatives)

(I'm mad as hell and I ain't gonna take no more)

(This business of justice is not new)

No justice

No peace (2X)

What is the world comin to?

What are we gonna do?

I'm disgusted, so we must get

Ready to become militant rebels

Cause there will never be no peace without justice

I'm tired of my people treated unequal

That's why I'm ( ? ) I gotta face this

So I speak out and those who don't like it, they freak out

And they label me a racist

I'ma keep sparkin, me and brothers like Al Sharpton

We don't like what they did to Yusef Hawkins

Why was the trial prolonged for so long?

They shot him in cold blood, they knew they was dead wrong

Let a brotherman shoot the other man

Nowadays they lock em up in a second and throw the key away

Hold up, you think I fold up? No, I'm geased

Without no justice there'll be no peace

No justice

There will never be...

No peace


No justice

There will never be...

No peace

See, I'm a programmed warrior, built to last

A Five Percenter who descends from the Lost Tribe of Shabazz

Barin the truth, I'm not scared of ya

Is this the United States or the United Snakes of America?

This is a livin hell and I'm not ( ? )

I refuse to burn in America's melting pot

I'm angry, you can't refrain me, I make em all see

Word is bond it was wrong how they did [Name]

As far as I can see her privacy was exploited

They beat her and raped her, put her in the back of manure

Engraved 'nigger' on the stomach

Up to this day a lot of people think she fronted

Is it a lie or is it incidental?

People who are raped names' supposed to be kept confidential

But she was exploited at a young age, it's such a shame

I never heard the Central Park jogger's name

But straight to the point and on the ball

I be the universal true Son of Man and and a ( ? )

I pity you idiots like Arsenio Hall

Jokes about our sister, he thinks it's funny, y'all

It's sad to see ( ? ) so much as a minor

I'm glad to see the Nation of Sslam refined her

You want peace, well, let the unjust stuff cease

If we don't have justice, there will be no peace

No justice

There will never be...

No peace


No justice

There will never be...

No peace

Break it down

(I think that the solution rests with the people

it's a mistake to rely on professors

racism is learned

nobody is born a racist

and some people have Ph.D.'s in racism)

The Mighty Maestro created a beat that was lethal

The source to bring forth power to the people

The rhythm was made to be rolled by the host

So I'ma ride the rhythm from New York to the West Coast

Brotherman takin a stand, demandin respect

I'm not with the situation in Teaneck

They said he was dangerous, well, I'm concerned

How could he be so dangerous with his back turned?

They said, "Freeze! Halt!" The brother stopped

Threw his hands in the air, yeah, and still he got shot

They said he had a shiny object in his hand

So they killed the man

And is this justice, no way, Jos?

He didn't get arrested, he was suspended with pay

Talk about armed and dangerous, accounted

How come I never heard nothin else about it?

I'm dead up, I'm goin head up, see, the buck stops

Here, I'm sick and tired of corrupt cops

I gotta drop cause I don't think it will ever stop

My brain is a Tec-9 and it's kept cocked

And it's got just a few more rounds to go

They're goin pound for pound, blow for blow

You want peace, let the unjust stuff cease

If we don't have justice, there'll be no peace

No justice

There will never be...

No peace


No justice

There will never be...

No peace

No justice

No peace

Peace to Allah's Nation

(...they come together in dialogue and solve the problem)

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