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Artist: Lakim Shabazz
Lakim Shabazz Author
Album: Lost Tribe of Shabazz (2006)
Lakim Shabazz - Lost Tribe of Shabazz Album
Song Title: Style Wars
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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See, what you gotta do is ( ? ) at stations I'm gracin

Contest, start the process of elimination

Make a maneouvre, you move too fast to see

Who's next up? Let's see who's ( ? ) decree

My strike is fatal, you feel the wrath, you're doomed

Today is gonna be dog day's afternoon

Rappers, I torture, teach em what naughty means

Pick em like coffee beans and show em what 'off me' means

They go against, they never win, they get dock-seated

Lyrics hit you so hard you think you had a shock treatment

Rappers, I pass flash by em like a thunderclap

My mic is a axe, so call me a rappin lumberjack

A terrorizin terror makin no errors

You're a duck, so I'ma pluck all of your feathers

My voice remounts, it's full like a fountain

MC's, I caught em, manslaughter em while I'm countin

They mullah, then I look in they crew's eye

Watch em take a deep breath, then step from the set

Cause my killer instincts will show in deadly ways

Look around, can you count all the heads I laid?

Lak Shabazz, a menace, a real trouble maker

Let it be known that I'm hard, I love to take a

Weak wack rapper and make him ( ? ) me

Because he looks like Bozo the Clown to me

Everything is serious, nothin to smile for

You gotta brace yourself for the style wars

(Ready to go to war - now)

(We are ready to go to war - now)

Well, I'm back to attack, clash of a mic and a titan

I'm fully equipped to rip and totally enlighten

Lyrics are swift and smooth, hit you real, see

When you hear em, you forget all about the beat

Lak's the name, not a game like double dare

MC's get scared or beware because trouble's here

You wanna battle me? Hey look, go for it

Your lyrics are old school, prehistoric

Ancient, corroded and busted

Greasy and dirty and full of combustion

What a ( ? ), what a pity, what a waste of time

You want def rhymes? Here's a taste of mine

Lyrics I write contain a hard, def style

Yours are soft and moist, made out of textile

( ? ), put em in the double x file

Of wack rappers, they gotta exile

Call me an undertaker, I use my mic like a guillotine

Take 10 seconds to find out what killer mean

There's always a sucker in the crowd that'll spill the beans

So just bodybag him and ship him to the Philippines

Mission accomplished like I promised

You're on a wack staff, I got the last laugh

I'm cold serious, nothin to smile for

You gotta brace yourself for the style wars

Cause these are the style wars

DJ Cee Just

(We are ready to go to war - now)

Ah yeah, Flavor Unit in effect

1990, small things behind me

Righteous Force Productions in effect

You know what I'm sayin

Cold rippin off necks

And I'm outta here

We in effect, y'all


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