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Artist: Lakim Shabazz
Lakim Shabazz Author
Song Title: The Voice of Power
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I come across louder than a bull horn, a full-born

Human ghetto blaster that has to move on

The voice of choice to pound the sound that Mark made

If you sleep, huh, you catch a heartache

Toot and scream, woofers blow when I flow

Biters bite actin like they didn't know

Rhymes I make take the cake, they have to be

Sweet like sugar, Strawberry D'Acquery

I'll dilute your brain like [Name]

Brandy I'm dandy if you can't flow, walk

Off the set, go and get

Reinforcements or new concepts

See if you can match the man that has to stand

Militant and armed, ready to cold bomb

Get in your stance, here's your chance

Now you're gettin a blast

From Lak Shabazz

The voice of power

See, I been waitin to catch you, now I got you

I'ma mop you, make you walk the desert like Jacub

( ? ) and slob

Any negative thoughts? Yo, save it, hops

For the wack ones, I simply attack them

Do what I wanna do with em and ranshack em

( ? ) your fortress, I run through y'all

You're nothin but a bunch of knuckleheads, screwballs

This were a contest for money you wouldn't win a nickel

Your rhymes are too wack, you whimsical

My impact is that of a nuclear

Explosion, I'm unloadin, comin through to ya

Loud and clear, proud to bear witness

To the fact that I'm packed with swiftness

Now what you gotta say for yourself?

You might as well pray for help

Rappers like you, I eat em with battle rhymes

When the dinner bell ring, it's chow time

I rush the stage, grab the mic and rock a party for hours

I got the voice of power

Rhythms I ride with ease to please a crowd

With lyrics that totally tower

When I was young I made a vow

That thou will always possess the voice of power

I kick science you're bein dropped on

Gimme the mic, look at how the props swarm

And see the brother cold undertake

Gimme the cue, watch me stun the break

I'm gettin fed up, you're so wack, dag

You're like roaches and I'm the blackflag

You little insect, I put heads out

Rappers check in, but they don't check out

You waste time, you should learn to make

Deffer rhymes so I don't have to exterminate

I wasn't made to be ruled by no one

And it ain't no fun if I don't get none

The voice of power longs for strong rhymes that penetrate

Listen as Lakim demonstrates

Vocals I flow styles, I like the track

I sound crisp and some whisper, "How's he do that?"

5'4" and a connaisseur, so step slow

While you intake a vision from a video

I'm known to rock a party for hours

I got the voice of power

Ah yeah

Flavor Unit in effect


Lakim Shabazz

All that

You know what I'm sayin?


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