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Artist: Lambert Hendricks And Ross
Song Title: Cloudburst
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(Trio) I was blue and I was always wearing a frown, because my gal had turned me
down; then we met and you can bet I knew from the first, you were my love
cause thats when the old gray cloud burst!
My heart really flew the day you caught my eye; I hope that we two will never
say goodbye-
Clouds of gray have silver linings when they're reversed; I found your love, and
that's when the old gray cloud burst!

Hey, baby! I'm gonna tell you 'bout your lovin' and your kissin' and your
huggin' and your sweet turtle dovin' pretty baby; I won't be satisfied 'til I
hear 'em play "Here comes the Bride"; Listen to me baby and I don't mean maybe,
listen to my story it's terrifically true! I wanna find a way to tell you that I
really go for you--I hope you really believe me baby 'cause I certainly do!
'Cause you're thrillin' me, you're really, really thrillin' when you tell me
that you prob'ly got a kind of crush on me, that moves me, grooves me,
how devine can one woman be? Oh little darlin' I'm really fallin'; you got me
goofy and gay, I'm bound to get carried away! Just think, you're gonna be mine
Oh, let's spin a little, spark a little, stop a little, park a little, live
a little, love a little, maybe turtle dove a little; baby; every time you hold me
so near, nobody loves me like you, dear! Let's stop a little, tease a little,
prob'ly maybe squeeze a little, try a little, sigh a little, maybe i can lie a
little bit, gonna tell you the truth I'm gonna love you and that's it!
'Cause I love you baby, love you baby, love you baby, love you baby, love you
baby with all my heart! Ooh, listen to me when I tell you that a lot of little
ladies got away but I know, I know pretty baby I know, I know pretty baby, I
know you're the one, yes you're the one, I knew it when I met ya what a break
to get ya!
(Chorus) When it's cloudy and gray and that's the worst, how do you get that
cloud to burst?
(Hendricks) Ya gotta find a lover, find a lover, find a lover, find a lover!
(Chorus) When it's silvery under clouds of gray, how ya gonna chase the gray
(Hendricks) You gotta find a little girl and make her love you a lot; don't ever
em sittin, are you're really gonna ruin the plot!
(Sounds easy, does it?)
Light as a breeze through the trees, boy...
(How pleasant was it?)
Pleasant as one summer breeze, boy!
(it's wonderful what a love can do--look at what love has done for you!)
Weell I'm a lucky lover, a lucky lover, I've got the love you should discover!
(I was blue and I was always wearing a frown, because my gal had turned me down;
then we met and you can bet I knew from the first, you were my love cause that's
when the old gray cloud burst!)
Take a look at me, boy, take another look, take another look, take another look,
take another good long look at me, love opened my eyes and now I see!
(Clouds of gray have silver linings when they reverse; I found your love and
that's when the old gray cloud burst! (That's when the old gray cloud burst)

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