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Artist: LAme Immortelle
LAme Immortelle Author
Album: Lieder Die Wie Wunden Bluten (1998)
LAme Immortelle - Lieder Die Wie Wunden Bluten Album
Song Title: Crimson Skies
Genre: Darkwave
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Beneath the clouds in thriving grey
My humble soul to sleep I lay
To hide my soul from brightest light
Until the dawn comet the night

Where I roam through my domain
To hide myself from present pain
Where loneliness embraces me
And frees me from my misery

Darkness is pure
Light reflects the lies
Trying to escape
In the crimson skies

Darkness is pure
Light reflects the lies
Trying to escape
In the crimson skies
In the crimson skies

The night's embrace, the only way
To flee from life into the grey
And darkness always will remain
Nothing left for me to gain

The light`s illusion reflects the mind
Of the masses who are blind
Who bear their pain deep in their soul
Until their will of life is stolen

Darkness is pure
Light reflects the lies

Darkness is pure
Light reflects the lies
Trying to escape
In the crimson skies

Darkness is pure
Light reflects the lies
Trying to escape
In the crimson skies
In the crimson skies

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