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Artist: LAme Immortelle
LAme Immortelle Author
Album: Dann Habe Ich Umsonst Gelebt (2001)
LAme Immortelle - Dann Habe Ich Umsonst Gelebt Album
Song Title: Voiceless
Genre: Electronic
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I watch the stars collapse at night
When demons haunt me once again
In the sky their death shines bright
Every loss brings a new gain

The peace of voiceless darkness
Silence voices who scream at me
And through the gentle nighttime
I gain the knowledge that I'm free

When you're in your darkest hours
Seek the embrace of the night
Open up to all its powers
I'll show you whats behind the light

We're blinded by the brightest shining
And see not what's behind
So we watch our own declining
Life, that made us far too blind

We will not see the pleasures offered
When they're not obvious to see
Beauty's just what they will look at
Close the door and drop the key

When you're in your darkest hours
Seek the embrace of the night
Open up to all its powers
I'll show you what's behind the light

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