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Artist: Lamya
Song Title: Empires
Genre: Blues
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Bring me men - bring me men to match my mountains
Bring me men - bring me men to match my plains
Men with Empires
Men with Empires in their purpose
And new - and new eras in their brains

Bring me men
Bring me men who'll turn the page
Men with vision
Visions of a new age
Who will not engage
In foreign rage and distant war
Whose policies of peace
Legends and Legacies restore

Bring me men
Bring me men that do believe
You reap as you sew
Give as you receive
Bring me not Kings
With arbitary reign
Prepare me the way
And let my freedom sustain

Men to match my moontains
Men to match my plains
Empires in their purpose - new eras in their brains

Bring me the warrior
Shepherd or leader
Hunter or Hider
Whether a lawyer
Doctor or Teacher
Spiritual Preacher
Wheeler and Healer
Spin Doctor Dealer
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