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Artist: Landau James Ef
Song Title: The Elements
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Sung to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance)

Oxygen, hydrogen, silicon, nitrogen, and there's uranium then
Protactinium, carbon and astatine, argon and tantalum, copper,
Unnilennium, cerium, osmium, barium, fermium, nickel, cobalt;
Americium, fluorine, and sodium, chlorine; the last two both go into
salt --
Radium and then on to thulium, xenon and antimony and ytterbium;
Strontium, iridium, and then rubidium, yttrium, ytterbium, erbium!

Potassium, caesium, scandium, magnesium, cadmium, boron, ahead
To: molybdenum, rhenium, lithium, ruthenium and unnilpentium, lead.
Unnilquadium, mercury 'n' bismuth and berkelium, platinum that you
can win;
Iodine, gadolinium and silver, actinium, lawrencium, indium, tin;
Unniloctium, lutetium, europium, technetium, hafnium, also krypton;
Arsenic, gallium, thorium, thallium, phosphorus, bromine, radon!

Neon, germanium, calcium, titanium, manganese, iron, plutonium;
Unnilhexium, neptunium and unununium and mendelevium, zirconium!
Selenium, chromium, niobium, holmium, sulfur, aluminum, zinc;
And neodymium, praseodymium, we should be done soon, I think!
Unnilseptium, curium and then tellurium, einsteinium, p'lonium, keep
hold --
[Takes breath] Promethium, helium, lanthanum, nobelium --
Californium, beryllium,
Then ununnilium,
Rhodium, palladium,
Francium, vanadium,
Then ununbium,
And then ununtrium,
Samarium, dysprosium, gold

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