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Artist: Lanemeyer
Song Title: Another Lonely Winter
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Kissing you a winter evening

I dont have the strength to say goodbye

Sat around and drank all day

Knowing that tomorrow I'll be gone

'Cause im so in love with you

And tonight

When they played our song on the radio

And tonight

I fought everything Iwas

You're the girl im dreaming of

Kissing you a winter morning

Thinking back to how it felt last night

"Ilove you" seems to hold its meaning

Even though they're just words afterall

These words seem to mean

And tonight

When they played our song on the radio

And tonight

I fought everything Iwas

You're the girl im dreaming of

Tonight I'll sing you songs until you fall asleep

Whisper every word into a smile

Just thinking about how good this night could be

With me

And our song on the radio

'Cause you're all ive ever loved

You're the girl im dreaming of


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